One year, fifty posts, and my old diaries.

Ignore the fact that my second post was a month later and that some of these posts aren’t written by me or are extremely short. I’ve still published 50 posts, and it’s still been a year.

One thing I can say is that it doesn’t feel like I’ve written 50 posts. I see my blog as a collection of individual times where I wanted to write a post, not as a greater whole. Similar to my post about time where I say that time is made up of a series of  “now”‘s and that we actually aren’t aware of time passing. (It doesn’t feel like a year either by the way.)

In terms of the blog, aside from switching from Blogspot to WordPress and multiple theme changes, not much has changed. Maybe I’ve gained a few followers, and I’ve written more about my own ideas and philosophies than other things, and I’ve stopped using as many pictures, and I’m starting to write slightly shorter posts, and I’ve gotten in a habit of making sure I have at least 2 posts published per month, and I’ve learned what’s popular and what’s not in terms of content and how to obsess over statistics. (I hope all those commas are placed correctly.) Yeah, other than that, not much.

And since we’re on the topic of one year, I’ll share another weirdly relevant part of my life.


The three and a half notebooks I filled in order from left to right (last one's still half empty) Unfortunately, I couldn't weave strings in through the loops after the second notebook.

The three and a half notebooks I filled in order from left to right (last one’s still half empty) Unfortunately, I couldn’t weave strings in through the loops after the second notebook.

For most of middle school, I kept a diary, which I wrote in religiously almost every day. I slacked a little in 8th grade and over the summer, but I have a near-complete record for 2011. Whenever I’m bored,  I look through my old diaries to see what happened “today”  a few years ago. I have an entry for 2010 “today” as well, but the 2011 one is slightly more interesting. Here it is.

Background information: This was the summer between 7th and 8th grade, and I was taking a few summer school classes for fun. The class I’m referring to here was about puzzles and basic cryptology. The bit about Mathcounts was referring to the state competition, the first time I was alone with friends overnight, and we made a bed fort. Never mind the fact that we placed the next day and beat our rival. The bed fort was the best part. These were the same people in the partitions and the quadratic equation story, and that affair happened exactly a week before the competition. Ok, I’ll shut up about Mathcounts now. Names are changed. Most of them. [Comments in brackets]

7/8/2011 Billy

I got to talk to him today. He’s…Billy-like…over-achieverish, energetic…

Like today. We were doing transposition ciphers, and Billy insisted on having me do this one (it turned out to be something like cotton candy pencil box…O.o) He was frantically grabbing my arm and like “SOLVE THIS!!!”

[kind of stalker info that probably shouldn’t be shared]

Just finished chatting with Emily…we were remeniscing [whoa I can’t spell] over Mathcounts. I miss it SO much.. we’re going back just for the bed fort. XD

Right…[something I don’t want to include] But now I feel bad for Emily…it’s not like it hurt me in anyway.  I feel so teenager-like right now…it’s obvious with my reaction with [something else I don’t want to include] Sigh…should I email [person] too? I lost my chain with Soma [LOLOL. Not true, I was just impatient waiting for the response] I MISS YOU [person]!!! “

Honestly, the entry is a little cringe-worthy and I’m not sure what was going on in the end, but I did write all of it.

This really makes me wonder how I’ll view my blog a few years from now. Will it seem shallow and teenager-y and an fail attempt for me to be cool, or will it just be something I did, no opinions attached?

Writing in a journal is different than a blog though, since I can edit a blog post as many times as I want, but once I handwrite something, it can’t be easily changed. All I can say is,  I’ve haven’t looked back on many things favorably before. Except for maybe that bed fort.

That’s all I have to say for now. Here’s to another year of blogging!


Life’s a Show

I feel like now is a good time to explain the tagline of my blog– “Life’s a show. Here’s mine.”

Ever since I was little, I’ve noticed that life is essentially a huge show of impressing people, and the people who “win” are the best actors/actresses. (assuming that it’s possible to win at life, which it isn’t)

I learned that it’s not worth doing anything unless everyone  else sees it and that  how others perceive you is more important than who you actually are, because it’s all about appearances.  And this really annoys me, because almost everyone (including me) does things just to improve their own show and not because they want to.

Especially in terms of school and around other people, there’s always this pressure to act happy and “cool” and witty and un-awkward or whatever people these days need to be, or else people judge you. I would love to say that I don’t care about what other people think and that I do what I want, but that’s  not the case. I do care about other people’s opinions of me, and most of the time, I don’t think it’s good.

So this blog is a continuation of my show to prove to you guys that I am cool  and interesting and completely not awkward at all. And I’m only being half sarcastic.

If people are going to judge me, I might as well choose the show that I  put on, and if I get to choose the show I put on, I might as well choose one that I like, which hopefully is what this blog becomes. My online show to the world. For the most part, I write about whatever I want, no matter how obscure or crazy the topic is, and I’m not really on a set posting schedule. (as most of you have probably noticed)

To those of you that actually read this far, would you mind telling me your opinion of my blog?  I didn’t want to ask when I first started blogging because there wasn’t enough to base stuff off of, but now that there’s a substantial number of posts, I’d appreciate some feedback.  And tell the truth please. People have said that I write like a 50 year old and that my posts are long and boring, and I’ve accepted that. (Although if you’ve read this far, it shouldn’t be boring…right?) Anyways, I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments!

Hello WordPress…

So I finally decided to switch to WordPress from Blogger for the sake of nice simple themes and supposedly more options for customization.

…Except now there’s some pictures that don’t show up and some links that don’t work.  Sigh, it’ll probably take a while to fix everything, but meanwhile, welcome!

New Year’s Resolution

Most times, when people read my blog, they usually  have two complaints:

     1) I don’t update frequently enough, and 
     2) my posts are too long.. 
So there’s my resolution for this blog–. (Is it a problem that when I saw resolution, I instantly thought of debate?) write less words, but write more often. Hopefully it’ll work out. 
……..Starting with this post. Happy late/early New Years everyone! (depending on the time zone once again)

New Layout?

Last night, I decided to change my template to one of Blogger’s Dynamic Views, which were supposedly designed to make a blog look more “web 2.0-like,” and modern, and honestly, I think they’re amazing. My blog looks less cluttered, you can see previews of multiple posts all at once, and overall it just looks cleaner.

It’s a blog inside of a blog! :O

There were seven different Dynamic View templates to choose from, and I spent quite a while switching back and forth between them trying to choose the best one. I settled for the Magazine layout in the end because it showed picture previews as well as a snippet of the text for all the posts. If you want to try the different Dynamic Views, just close this post and hover your mouse over the word “Magazine” under the title. The names of all the templates should pop up, and then just select one to see what it would look like on my blog.

So, do you guys like my new template? Is there another Dynamic View that you like better? What about all the colors? I decided to stick with the same color scheme as my old layout to make it somewhat familiar, but I changed the colors of everything, including the date ribbon right beside the title of this post. Go put your mouse over it right now! If you have any suggestions about the look of my blog, feel free to tell me. Actually, feel obligated to tell me! (Let’s see if that gets me any more comments :P)

A Blog…Seriously? Yes, A Blog.

So before you people start judging me, I just want to say…um….hi, and welcome to my new blog? What a great first impression. Anyways, I started this blog to write about all the weird ideas I get, and show (off, I guess) some of the stuff I make and write reviews of books, songs, and just respond to other articles I find interesting. And maybe some other stuff. :)

For all of you wondering why I created a blog , and not a Facebook or a Twitter or a Tumblr or just stuck with Google+, a blog just seemed like the best place to write longer posts and where people will actually read something and not just be like “ooh, this looks interesting, LIKE/RETWEET/SHARE/+1! :D”. So there’s a hint. I’m going to try to post longer stuff, and hope that people like, READ it.  Although it’d be amazing if you could share as well.

Not many people I know have blogs, so I doubt that many people will read this, but if you do, give me some feedback so I know that I’m actually writing to someone. Comment, email me with ideas, follow it, suggest a better title, convince me to create a Facebook. Acknowledge your presence. 

Hmmm…A little cutting, editing, copy-pasting…and there’s my welcome message!