IMG_7694My name’s Amy. I’m currently a high school senior in Houston, Texas.

On “Educated Opinions” you’ll find my thoughts on the education system, how to become a better student, and community activism.

To me, having an educated opinion means…

  • putting in the work to have an opinion and knowing we may be wrong.
  • that lofty attempt to sound more confident than we actually are.
  • that unique, authentic, oftentimes personal, new synthesis, something messy and novel
  • uh…opinions on being educated, thoughts on being a student.

We all have our educated opinions. We’re all students, learning and failing at the same time. The hardest problems of our times can only be solved by educated opinions, until the necessary research backs it up.

I update once a week on Saturdays (occasionally Sundays), as well as whenever I have time.

Feel free to contact me through my contact page, and check out my Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, if you want to see which young adult novels and education/pop psych books I’m reading, check out my Goodreads.

Writings elsewhere:

Vocational Training vs. Basic Education – #givchat recap (Givology) September 12, 2014

#givchat Recap: Are Service Trips Abroad Worth It? (Givology) September 8, 2014

A move toward real-life science — The new Advanced Placement biology curriculum (Baker Institute blog, Houston Chronicle) August 22, 2014

Motivation is the Key to Success (StuVoice.org) August 28, 2013

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