What if each semester of high school was like second semester senior year?


photo credit: Greenhills 09 via photopin (license)

The beginning of a series about advice I would give my freshman self

I’m serious. What if we treated all of high school like the last semester?

It sounds ridiculous at first. After all, senioritis is merely an excuse for being lazy, an excuse to not care about anything…right?

But most people don’t choose to not care about anything. Rather, we get to choose what we care about. The symptoms of senioritis are merely a reflection on what we didn’t care about to begin with.

I know of people who are taking on art projects, starting blogs (!!!), studying topics not covered in school, exercising, taking classes, doing things that personally speak to them. Of course, a good number of people are also spending their time playing games or surfing the internet. But even that is an shameless, active choice.

Another priority that finally makes it to the frontline is sleep. I found out rather depressingly over  winter break that 8 hours of sleep wasn’t enough for me. Instead, it would take 9 hours for me to feel fully awake. Only now am I seeing why sleep deprivation is a national epidemic. Most successful artists, scientists, and athletes can’t function at their best in bad health. The political and corporate world may be a different story, but in the long run, self-care should be everyone’s top priority.

With college admissions silently lurking in the background throughout all of high school though, this can easily be dismissed.

This is the first question in a mission to figure out how to learn, be in good health, and enjoy school at the same time.

Inspired by parts of Cal Newport’s How to Be a High School Superstar (ok actually all of it). Check out his blog here. 


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