List of Lists


As the semester comes to a close, any and all thoughts I have taken the form of lists instead of coherent sentences. And even the coherent sentences have become part of a list.

Not counting the to-do lists, these are the other lists:

  • Stuff to include in an email
  • Rituals for after I get home and before I go to sleep
  • Paper pattern for a folder
  • Benefits of using a physical planner over Google Calendar (and vice versa)
  • Questions about meditation
  • Things that I’ve started added into my schedule
  • 2nd semester senior projects
  • Cabinet Workshop plans
  • Mild rant about privilege
  • Narratives to write about high school (Similar to Stories from Middle School)
  • Random observations while sitting in class
  • List of issues to talk about to an adult (aka a list of all my problems)
  • Finals information
  • Adults to start reaching out to
  • general notes on running

Separate lists 1:

  • Winter break to do
  • Asteroid papers to read
  • Colleges that I’m applying to
  • Morning rituals (for Winter break)

Is it really a surprise that I’ve gone through 50 pages already, and it hasn’t even been the end of the month? 2

  1. This may seem cool and complicated to have separate lists outside of a notebook, but really, I just wanted to rip out a couple of defective pages in my notebook. 
  2. Was about to get email tendencies and sign my name at the end of the blog post. Good thing I didn’t. -Amy 

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