Giving Thanks: 13 Reasons Why Not

photo credit: 17082050 via photopin (license)

A complement to my post last week, Thirteen Reasons Why in honor of Thanksgiving.

  1. Anyone who has ever said any variation of “Please let me know if you need anything” and follows through when I do ask.
  2. People who send me random things online, whether it be sites, articles, pictures, random, etc.
  3. My parents, for constantly reminding me to get more sleep and for bringing me fruit whenever I’m working on homework
  4. People who I can nerd out with and still be someone accepted (aka people in every
  5. Late night Google Hangouts
  6. Anyone with a car – because of the rides and the conversations that happen during those rides
  7. Anyone who actually gives a damn about something substantial
  8. The existence of paper, the medium of writing and origami
  9. Finding the perfect song to match my mood or to work with
  10. Being in a bad mood, realizing it’s just because of water deprivation, and then drinking a bunch of water
  11. Opening WordPress and finding out that someone has left a new comment
  12. Young adult novels that expose me to the serious issues and petty drama of other people’s lives .(Also, crushes on book characters)
  13. All the larger privileges I’ve been born with that allow me to indulge in these tiny wonders.

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