Today five and six years ago…

Every once in a while, I like to cringe at my previous diary entries and then use then as blog posts. As always, [personal comments in brackets]

6th Grade: Day before Thanksgiving (like today)



No school! [random scrawl of song lyric is here…probably from some DDR song twitch]

My thoughts are whizzing around my head. Do I like [NOPE. NOT REVEALING 6TH GRADE CRUSH.]? Out of all the people I have liked, he was the only one I never regretted. Amazingly. He’s just…different from everyone. But…it’s in a bad way. But how could I? This is crazy! And I really want someone to kiss me. Just to see what it’s like. I’m just afraid if it happens, I’m going to regret it….[I may have been the one of the nerdiest people in a nerd school, but in many ways, I was a typical middle school girl.]

I got an actual crochet hook today! [Previously I had been using a knitting needle…somehow.] The one two problems are that I don’t really know how to use it and that it’s too thick. And I went to the library! Checked out books. (really obvious) I played DDR too!

Day Rating: 9.4 I will definitely reach my goal. [I was trying to stop nail biting at the time…sadly, it did not work]

7th grade: Thanksgiving Day


11/25/10 [Where’s my pen? [This entry is the only one that year I wrote in pencil]

List of stuff I’m thankful for: 

  1. Our roof did not collapse
  2. Our roof/ceiling was only a little wet
  3. It’s not leaking anymore (partially thanks to me :) )
  4. I’m going Black Friday shopping tomorrow! [Judge me.]
  5. We still had turkey
  6. I don’t have a sore throat.
  7. I don’t feel like throwing up
  8. I have all 5 of my senses
  9. My brother’s home
  10. [The guy I stalked] knows that I exist. XD
  11. I don’t need Cymbalta [depression medication]
  12. I’m living comfortably
  13. “_____” [direct quote] is not reading my mind (Do I seriously believe that?)
  14. [Name of friend] (and all my other friends) are still at T.H. Rogers
  15. [Teacher who led this stuff] loves me – and I got a 100 on her test. [Why did I focus so much on grades at the time]
  16. I am doing Science Fair [I did my project with a friend that year..not sure why this is on the list. Our project ended up going pretty well]
  17. I don’t have a Facebook…yet
  18. My story got into Scholastic [Yup, it’s this one. Spoiler alert: it ends up not winning anything and I end up crying.]
  19. [Friend] and I got to do the teaching assignment. [We got assigned to teach a hearing impaired class about the American Revolution for an hour. Spoiler alert: It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, and it doesn’t go that well]
  20. I’m in [see teacher in #15] homeroom- and I got an orange [She threw me an orange slice during homeroom once. Laughing when I think about my current math teacher’s reaction to oranges.]
  21. I don’t like ________ anymore. [In pen, I’ve filled in the blank with *insert many names here*]
  22. I finished my crocheting!
  23. I have not worn [insert brands I swore I would never wear…]
  24. There’s a source of music.
  26. I currently don’t have insomnia.
  27. I have a backup writing utensil
  28. There’s no homework over the break!
  29. I made this list
  30. I AM STILL ME!!!

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