Non-epiphany: How I see others vs. How I see myself


TL;DR: Stop being judgmental of everyone, including yourself.

Through reading modern/classic literature (turns out all those YA novels did have some benefit), reading other blogs, thinking about/reading/writing college essays, talking to people, and my own life, I’ve noticed a disconnect between the way I saw other people and the way I saw myself.

When other people (fictional or real) share personal struggles, I admire then and be proud of overcoming them. When I see my grades slip or show some sign of imperfection, I see it as an irreversible mistake. And when I share them, I feel like I’m asking for pity. (Even now.)

Whenever I give praise, I always want it to be received positively, but I’ve been one to shy away when receiving compliments and gifts myself.

Whenever I meet someone, I used to think they would assume the worst of me and that I would have to prove myself somehow. But when I meet someone, I generally like them or have no opinion about them.

When other people talk about their accomplishments, I feel happy for them. When I do it, it felt like bragging.

Traits that I see positively in other people become negative when applied to me and only me for some reason.

The generic advice is to ignore what others think, but it’s it important to get this outside perspective sometimes, especially when it can boost my ego be comforting.

That is all.

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