The Sleep Issue


These few weeks have been tough on me in terms of sleep.

I’ve also noticed my productivity levels decrease, simply perpetuating even more sleep deprivation because I can’t do everything that I wanted to get done.

This is my brain’s logic: “Since I wasn’t productive enough in my waking hours, I must compensate by  cutting into my sleeping hours.”

Maybe if I were using my time every day to its max, squeezing the life out of every minute, doing everything that was on my schedule, THEN I could deserve my 8 hours of sleep. Sadly, I never seem to reach that stage.

For some reason, late nights seems to be the best time I want to start writing emails, work on certain homework assignments, really start squeezing in those last moments of productivity.

Additionally, I’ve been using sleep deprivation as an excuse to not pay attention in classes, to be annoyed, for trich, for not wanting to do anything, and I’m not sure if it’s an issue of not pushing myself enough to work harder or a symptom of a deeper issue.

That is all.

Side note: I’ve been looking for good teen blogs to follow. Authentic, high quality stuff. The best two I’ve found:

1) Adora Svitak (not a surprise)

2) Essena O’Neill (The model who quit social media. Her newsletter is absolutely fantastic.)

Also, I’ve written on sleep deprivation before. 


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