Potential ideas I thought about writing about today but didn’t


Is this picture relevant to the post? Not really.

After yesterday’s post drained me a bit emotionally, I wasn’t willing to put a similar level of effort into today’s post. I’ve been keeping a list of potential post topics outside of my Google Keep in my notebook.

Here’s a sample:

  • My diary entries from 2009 and 2010 from this same day.
  • Favorite recently read books
  • Why yesterday’s post got the most views compared to the other posts I wrote for Nablopomo
  • How sympathy and humor can both help make the best of a bad situation
  • Random doodles in my notebook
  • What’s really sacrificed with sleep deprivation
  • Another “Stories from Middle School” (It’s the last one I really have.)
  • Vague ramblings about education
  • Why fixing the system is more important than fixing the people in the system.
  • The problem with practicing too much + not receiving any feedback (from an education system standpoint)
  • Thoughts on community organizing and activism
  • Reasons I’m thankful for having trichotillomania
  • Getting people to care about things
  • Problems with climbing up the meritocracy
  • Reflections after rereading various works (Stop Stealing Dreams, 13 reasons why, Paper Tigers, Disadvantages of an Elite Education)
  • The gods of high school
  • Whether acting more fake is the solution to actually becoming more authentic
  • This article

Hoping this list will help with another day of writer’s block.

Songs: Bouncing around various songs by The Script (She Is, Superheros, Science and Faith)

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