The difference between Social Media and a Blog

New Layout?

Mildly cringing at this old layout. And these old blog post topics.

A few months ago, I saw the post “The Scariest Post I Ever Published”, where people who work at WordPress shared….the scariest post they ever published. Three months later, it’s still stuck me. The posts that the authors shared for the most part weren’t funny, witty posts. Instead, they were personal, relatable, and ended up getting a bunch of support from the community.

And yet, on the other half of the internet, social media, it seems like the pressure is on to be perfect, flawless, to get the most likes and followers. To only show the positive aspects of life and hide everything else. I’ve been reading through Essena Oneil’s new site a lot lately (or rather, for the 30 minutes since I wrote that phrase), and I admire her authenticity and vulnerablitiy.

Like one word sentences explaining how life is bogging me down a teensy weensy bit and how I realized that the marginal benefit of sleeping is probably greater than the marginal benefit of writing. 1

  1. But is it really. 

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