The Struggle of the Ambivert


Am I an introvert or extrovert? I will probably never know. The case for both are pretty compelling, and every personality test has split me 50-50 on extraversion/intraversion.

The Introvert:

  • In almost every overnight school trip I’ve taken, there has been at least one instance in which I’ve actively denied a chance to be social to sit in my room and instead read/write/surf the internet
  • I’m pretty awkward. Nuff said.
  • I keep a very introspective blog
  • I learn best from a book and silently listening (sometimes)

The Extrovert:

  • I get overly excited about things others would judge me for, namely math
  • I like starting conversations with people I don’t know
  • I like starting conversations with people I do know
  • When I used to play piano, I absolutely hated playing any slow pieces. The quick energetic pieces were my favorite (and ended up being the pieces I played the best)

Best explanation I can think of is this: In a room of introverts, I am the extrovert. In a room of extroverts, I am the introvert.


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