And it begins again: NaBloPoMo 2015

NaBloPoMo November 2015

Because for some reason, I only find posting every day for a month slightly terrifying.

Before the jumble starts again,  some (more) meta thoughts about writing.

  1. I talk to myself. A lot. Interesting stories, potential ideas, assorted non-epiphanies, I’ll tell them over and over to myself until I realize I’m wasting my time. (This does wonders for my productivity…not.) And most of the time, no one else hears them. I distinctly remember being stopped in the middle of the hall in middle school by a friend and asked “are you talking to yourself.” At a board meeting a few weeks ago, as I was coming back from the restroom, an adult came up to me and asked “are you practicing your speech?” That’s when I realized I was whispering to myself about nothing.
  2. Comments have been dwindling down on this blog more, and more and more, this has been a place to post cleaned-up versions of theories. As soon as something is typed out, I generally stop trying to convince myself of it.
  3. Note to when writing the rest of my college essays: Writing them backwards (e.g. from stories -> thesis) DOES NOT WORK. YOU WILL GO IN CIRCLES.  I am speaking from personal experience. It hasn’t been drastic for blog posts…but IT WILL LEAD NOWHERE IN COLLEGE ESSAYS. (Clearly, I learned this the hard way.)
  4. The one major difference between college essays and (my) blog posts: anecdotes. I would always write a draft of an essay before realizing that it lacked something…personal. The reflection parts sounded pretty much the same, but the narrations reminded me of the writing I used to do in middle school.
  5. At the beginning of 8th grade, my English teacher showed us this TED talk. Since then, I’ve like seeing literature as a way for (warning: non-epiphany ahead) people to reflect their humanity at each other.
  6. I’m not exactly sure whether I write well when I’m tired.

Same disclaimers as last year (and the year before that):

  • The day isn’t over until I say so. Depending on the situation, the day may start from midnight, or it may be defined by when I go to sleep. (Also don’t be surprised if I change the times on these posts so they’re within the hours of the day.)
  • Because I’m going to be writing about whatever comes to mind, some posts may be password protected. My main reason for doing this is to know who’s reading each post (sucks for all you silent lurkers out there). I’ll probably tell you the password if you ask.
  • Motivation comes to me sporadically. That means that even though I may have the drive to complete NaBloPoMo today, that state may not hold a few weeks from today. A little extrinsic motivation would be nice, ahem.

Song: Slice, Five for Fighting

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