Things that motivate me

I found this list written in my notebook from April, before AP tests and shortly after creating this stress graph. Figured it’s a good list to keep for when Idunwannadoanything.

Less noble motivations:

  • It’s due in a week/a day/ a few hours/ next class period
  • People (including myself)  will judge me if I don’t do it
  • I want to be better than everyone else/ have bragging rights

More noble motivations:

  • The faster I do this, the more time I have for other things
  • The sooner I do/learn this, the longer I’ll have to deal without it/know how to do it.
  • You’ll be glad you did this in the future
  • “Get over yourself. It’s not about you!” 

That is all. 1 2 3 4

  1. I lied. That is not all. Side thought– My thoughts have been incoherent lists/ separate tangents lately. It’s overwhelming to hold them in my brain, until I take the time to write them down. And then I realize it’s not all that much. Whoops. 
  2. Slightly Related side thought: My notebook/Google Keep is a mess. Google Keep has a good search function, so being disorganized is ok, but I’m thinking about trying bullet journaling when I get through my current notebook (37 pages left)   [INSERT BULLET JOURNAL LINK HERE.] 
  3. Slightly Unrelated side thought: I should turn off my wifi more often. Or make it stop working for 3 hours for no reason. 
  4. Why am I putting so many footnotes when I’m already at the end of the post. And why isn’t this just one big footnote. 

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