If people behaved like water molecules…


Drawn in the style of Math with Bad Drawings and inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge. Humor is hard. Don’t judge.

Adhesion: Like attracts like

You might call it attraction at first sight.

Cohesion: Like attracts unlike

Also, why does he have a mouth? And how am I talking?

Hydrogen bonding: Weak spontaneous bonds

Don't worry, I'll come back for you shortly enough

High specific heat: It takes a lot of heat to raise the temperature

I also have double eyebrows for some reason.

Expands when frozen: Related to hydrogen bonding and the structure of water.

Hey, where are the rest of you? FRED GET BACK HERE. I SAW THAT.

Universal solvent: Dissolves nearly everything (except for non-polar solutions)

Dish soap's like a matchmaker though. It'll make me mix with dish soap.

Surface tension: Difficult to break the surface

(Now I realize that the phrase is "Ain't nobody messin with my clique." Whoops)

Capillary action: Climbs up a stalk against gravity on its own

I don't know why one of them has a black eye.

Transparency: See through. Also tinted blue.

This is like prison. Seriously. How would you like it if you were placed in a glass box for the rest of your life?

Neutral pH: Neither acidic or basic.

I mean, look at those other idiots around me. What's H? And OH? Are they just realizing something?

Do you know what I have to go through everyday?


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