12 ways you know you’re at an Asian party


Because food is always relevant (via photopin)

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas consistently. We have a fake Christmas tree in our garage, but we haven’t put it up in years. Gift-giving is rare, and we don’t have any religious incentive to celebrate the holiday.

However, Christmas is the perfect time to go to/host an Asian party. The kids are out of school, the parents have time to prepare, and there’s always plenty to talk about. Fellow Asians know what I’m talking about, and these parties frequently blend into one another.

Presenting, 12 ways you know you’re at an Asian party.

  1. Families trying to one-up each other with their cooking
  2. Parents trying to convince you to eat the dishes that they cooked
  3. Parents forcing you to make comparisons between the people’s dishes.
  4. A bunch of questions from adults you vaguely know about (1) what grade you’re in, (2) what college you want to go to, (3) what college you’re already in, and/or (4) what you want to study at said school
  5. Parents engaging in a mixture of humblebragging and actual bragging.
  6. Kids holding gifts for the host that they don’t know what to do with
  7. Parents trying to get their kids to show off their “talent”
  8. 5 year olds playing on iPads (if applicable)
  9. Playing cards. Nuff’ said.
  10. Everyone under the age of 30 hanging out together as “kids”
  11. Taking pictures of all the dishes with iPhones/iPads
  12. Driving back in the dark sharing all the gossip that we had collected

I did a quick google search for “Asian parties” and found this anonymous Thought Catalog article. Consider it further reading.

Happy Holidays!


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