What I’m Thankful for

My goal is to make the bulk of this post one sentence. Here goes:

A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany on how lucky I was, to be surrounded by intelligent peers who I could nerd out with for the sake of learning, especially in a school known for its 1) competitiveness and 2) diversity/divided student body, but also make have witty and intelligent conversations, and to have a mixture of good and bad teachers that make learning a wonderful experience, while also learning self-study skills, with the peer network and the Internet to help me, where I only have to worry about my grades occasionally; to have met an people with whom my interactions have varied, but have given me something valuable to devote my time to and receive a intangibly tangible reward (namely, SCHISD and Givology); growing up in a family that has taken care of all my basic needs and leaving me to be able to have non-third world struggles (but to not treat life too seriously) and with whom I’m adopted similar values, including one where we treat Black Friday as an experience, not an actual day to get good deals.

Ignore all the syntactical errors, and happy (late) Thanksgiving.


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