When I was in 8th grade, we were required to write a short story as part of English class. We had been warned about the dangers of sharing our work with each other, namely plagiarism, but that didn’t stop us from uploading all our stories to Google Docs and asking each other for edits on Google Buzz. (!!!)

The morning they were due, we were talking about who edited each other’s stories, and after a while, saying “editing” became a tongue twister/

Anyways, with NaBloPoMo going on, I haven’t really been proofreading my posts properly, which resulted in 1) bad writing, and 2) a lot of password protected posts. I went back today and edited the formerly password protected posts enough so that they were presentable. And by editing, I mean “cutting everything unnecessary.” This means that every sentence I write goes through a mental “would I care” filter, and everything that doesn’t pass gets cut out.

This often leads to a bunch of ideas that are only vaguely connected and barely any content.

…Such as this post. Anyways, these were the posts I revived and wished more people had read at the time of publication.

One thought on “Edididididiting

  1. I read most of them I think…but I mean I can’t believe you kept this going with school. That’s pretty freaking amazing.


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