Things I should care more about

  • world news
  • politics
  • Bellaire’s new school building
  • history
  • my health
  • trich
  • my appearance/what I wear

These are mostly societal expectations (ok maybe not the health stuff), but honestly, I don’t really see a reason to care about something unless it directly impacts me and/or is irreversible. For instance, I don’t pay taxes and can’t vote yet. Why should I care about politics? Maybe once I’m 18 and/or have income, but not now.

As long as someone cares about a cause, it’s not imperative that everyone cares about every cause. I have my own set of causes that I’ll devote time and effort towards; other people have their causes. I feel like everyone’s interests will organically organize towards what’s important, whether it’s in a world or community context (“Think globally, act locally”)

2 thoughts on “Things I should care more about

  1. If you don’t care about an issue unless it has a direct impact on you, then why do you devote time to organizations like Givology?


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