Last year during NaBloPoMo, I wrote a post about mental mapping, mostly because I had just finished a mental map for  WHAP and didn’t want to write another post. At the time, I praised being about to organize this information non-linearly on a huge map. However, more recently, I’ve been thinking about organizing information more linearly, in streams.

This was one of the first things that attracted me about Twitter and Google Keep. Links and random outbursts about life could all be combined into one channel, with both the good and bad washed away as time passed. I make a conscious effort not to delete anything on either of these accounts unless it’s repetitive.

Anki runs on a similar principle– Break down each concept into as many pieces as possible, and only review the specific pieces that you don’t understand. The result ends up being that you review a series of usually non-related cards everyday. (Cal Newport advocates a similar system with physical flashcards for memorizing dates and other rote bits of information)

Thanks to computers, I can find a specific tweet or note with a simple search. Google Keep even allows you to color code your notes and sort by color, which is nice, because um, colors.

The search function (read: google) is changing the way we access information. Before, to find out a specific piece of information, you would have to look in a book (or multiple) and learn a bunch of extraneous information that would help you solidify the concept.  Now we only look for individual bits of information without getting the larger picture.

I use the same single subject notebook for all my math/science classes. It’s a bit of a hassle to find things at times, but  but I wouldn’t dare do something like that for my humanities classes. I see the humanities, namely history have to be learned in a set order or else everything falls apart.

Ok, that’s it


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