2010 Birthday Entry

Background information:

  • I was in 7th grade.
  • One of the assignments for my pop culture (elective) class was to study the “culture” of a friend group different than ours for 3 days during lunch. I chose a random group of 6th graders that looked nice.
  • Apparently I dreamt the night before that I got an LD (lunch detention) for my birthday?


11/16/10 Moi anniversaire!!!!

And the only present I got was from my family and from M.

Lunch actually wasn’t that bad. When I walked up to them, they were like, “Hey, isn’t it your birthday today?” It was kind of creepy – but it was actually pretty fun. I met this girl called C and she reminds me of myself. And K kept jumping in and telling them that I was a stalker. XD I’m going to enjoy this. A lot of the pop culture people formed their own group – I’m actually one of the few people who’s going cross-grade. Y ate with the teachers XD

And K kept telling all the teachers that I wanted an LD [lunch detention for my birthday for my birthday just because I dreamt about it. I <3 K. :)


2 thoughts on “2010 Birthday Entry

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