Weekly FAQ

Why have so many of your posts been password protected this week? 

First off, there’s only two that have a password. Of the others, two were written in a rush and don’t really have coherent ideas. And one wasn’t written by me. You’re welcome.

Can I still read them? 

Sure, though I’m not sure you’d want to. Just ask me for the password.

Are you ok?

Well, the cold weather is causing my eye to start puffing up and my nose to start running and my throat to start feeling scratchy. The week before Thanksgiving break is approaching, and the two days before the break have historically been horrible. (Last year, I had a test and mental map due the Tuesday before break, and overnight, a cyst appeared that nearly shut my right eye. Fun.) Also, I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Hence the crabbiness and lack of writing. Let’s just call it seasonal adjustment.

Are you sure you want to keep doing NaBloPoMo?

Yeah, why not. (Actually, don’t answer that.)

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