Speaking to the HISD Board

The Student Congress went to its first board meeting tonight. We had over 125 students from 25 students show up and the room couldn’t hold us. We also filled both overflow rooms. The HISD board officially voted us 7-0 into board policy, basically meaning we’re legit now. (The rest of the meeting was kind of boring though.)

Here’s a reflection by me on the HISD Student Congress site, and below is my prewritten speech, which did not go at all as I planned.


Good evening,

First off, I want to thank the board for giving me the opportunity to speak here. Second, I want to apologize if I sound flustered. I am absolutely terrified right now.

My name is Amy Fan. I’m a junior at Bellaire High School, and the current chair of the Outreach Committee of the HISD Student Congress.

For the past few months, we’re currently doing, well, outreach. We’ve been reaching out to all the schools within the district and having our representatives spread the word about the Congress. We’ve also been growing on social media –we have over 500 fans on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re one of those 500, please raise your hand.

If you’re not one of those 500, please raise your phone and go like us on Facebook right now–the Student Congress of HISD. I’ll give you a bit of time right now.

Thank you.

One of the things that I’ve realized with the committee is that not all schools in HISD are  like Bellaire. To you, that may be obvious, but as a student, that’s just not the case. However, we are united by the fact that we care about our education and are willing to work to improve our schools. The student voice has been missing from education for way too long, and to be fair, we haven’t really played our role either, but now we’re ready.

I’m extremely passionate about the student voice, and I’m excited to be leading this group of students. Thank you for your time.


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