Commence unedited brain dumping.

Even since last Saturday, I’ve been in a really irritable mood and unmotivated to do anything. My trich has also started flaring up. I’m really hoping this is because of a lack of sleep and not something more serious, but this is a good reminder that NaBloPoMo does and will take a toll on my health.

Through balancing school, blogging, extracurriculars, and sleep, I’ve become pretty stressed (though it’s not something I like to admit), and I’ve probably been bothering anyone who comes in contact with me for the past few days.

I generally like to think myself a nice person, but I can have a really short temper at times and probably come across as crabby. Which led me to this fringe thought:

In an attempt to be “nice” and “friendly,” sometimes we actually do become more sympathetic to others and likeable. Everything’s ok when you’re in a good mood. However, when the boundaries of happiness are pushed and you’re honestly just not in a good mood, this leaves you in a bit of a dilemma: Fake the happiness and pretend like nothing’s wrong, or come to terms with reality and say what you’re feeling. Either way, you’ll be perceived as “fake” or “depressed,” neither which have a positive connotation.

This leads into another topic– euphemisms. I’ve never been one to “embellish” my writing per say, but I do try to have it somewhat flow nicely, both syntactically and conceptually. However, I also feel like I sometimes evade a harsh wording or topic through writing by softening the blow across several words and using a multisyllabic word when a monosyllabic one would do. (See what I mean?)

The problem is that when you soften the words that describe an idea, the idea itself is usually softened as well, and although everything else sounds nice, it’s nice in a vanilla cupcake way–generic and like everything else.

I hate to post anything that’s unedited, but 1) I don’t have the energy to go back and edit, and 2) I really need a post for today. (This is usually the type of post that would go on my Google Keep and stay there until I get a second relevant epiphany and stay motivated enough to start and finish a post.)

Before I get any more tired, goodnight and a;lskejpaoisej;alsjfaposjidfa.

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