Convenience and Comfort

In our age of convenience and instant gratification, we are told that comfort is king, when in reality comfort is a lie. It’s funny how we race so hard to get from one place of comfort to the next. It’s how we are conditioned to behave in our society.

We believe life is best lived when we are lounging on the beach just watching the waves, but maybe life is better lived when we’re swimming the sea, working against the raging current.

6 Things Holding You Back from Making a Difference, RELEVANT Magazine

Over any extended school break, I always get two contradictory feelings:

  1. This is how life should be. Who needs school?
  2. I’m so unproductive. At least school gets me to do something, even if it’s just homework.

However, I realized that even if school is a raging current to swim against, it’ s not the right one.

Hard problems call for great efforts. In math, difficult proofs require ingenious solutions, and those tend to be interesting. Ditto in engineering.

When you have to climb a mountain you toss everything unnecessary out of your pack. And so an architect who has to build on a difficult site, or a small budget, will find that he is forced to produce an elegant design. Fashions and flourishes get knocked aside by the difficult business of solving the problem at all.

Not every kind of hard is good. There is good pain and bad pain. You want the kind of pain you get from going running, not the kind you get from stepping on a nail. A difficult problem could be good for a designer, but a fickle client or unreliable materials would not be.

Taste for Makers, Paul Graham

For one, I wouldn’t even call schoolwork hard for the most part, but rather time-consuming. Also, the end goal of school is the ends to a means. Once you reach a goal, there’s nothing more to strive towards. To be honest, this serves as antimotivation most of the time, considering that the original goal was getting good grades anyways.

Ok. That’s all.


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