Truth or Dare

Another day of using the WordPress Daily Prompts.

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

I read a novella about lying a while back that argued that there’s nothing to gain by lying and that there’s no excuse for lying.

(I’d rather read reviews of Eleanor & Park on Goodreads than write this post. Sigh.)

Personally, I can never completely trust people after they’ve lied to me, especially in high school where we have SUCH IMPORTANT THINGS TO HIDE FROM EACH OTHER (heh passive aggressiveness.). Then again, the prompt’s not asking about lying vs. honesty, but the extent that one should be honest.

The generic framework goes something like this: Being completely honest would result in offending/hurting someone, but hiding part of the truth would deprive them of important information.

Most often, someone shows me something that I don’t entirely love, but societal norms have taught us to “like” everything regardless of our actual feelings. I’m not skilled in spewing out effusive BS praise, nor can I effectively frame criticism in a constructive manner, leaving me in an awkward situation when it comes to feedback.

Meh, I want to go to sleep early tonight. Goodnight.


6 thoughts on “Truth or Dare

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