Fight the FOMO

Fear of missing out or FOMO is a form of social anxiety — a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity for social interaction, a novel experience, profitable investment or other satisfying event”

-that free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia

Yes, I’m annoyed when my friends have inside jokes that I don’t get. Yes,  I hate people who rave on about fun experiences that I didn’t have. And yes, Facebook albums of peoples’ social lives make me wonder what I’m doing with my own.

On the other hand, I love having inside jokes with people. Sharing a inside moment with someone gives me a special connection with them, access to a certain aspect of their life that no one else knows. Especially with my fear of not knowing someone completely, it seems like being around someone else as much as possible is the best way to learn about them. It bothers me to look around at a room of people and realize that there’s a side of each person that I’ll never see.

As for raving about socializing, it’s a pretty jerkish thing to do, but it’s human nature to brag about ourselves sometimes, however subtle. (Right? Don’t make me be the only bad person here. )

And with Facebook albums…yeah that hasn’t happened to me yet. However, social media is the single biggest propagator of the FOMO, providing a permanent stream of peoples’ lives filled with perfect and smiling faces.

Most of my social interaction is because of the FOMO to some degree, and it’s a delicate rope to walk. What events will most likely produce the best stories to be repeated to others and which are just forced attempts at being social? Arguably, my lack of a social life doesn’t give me many choices, but sometimes I wonder what it’d be like with a packed schedule, constantly being around others and “making memories.” Do I really want that?

Answer: Probably not. As much as the FOMO bothers me, there’s a pleasure in not having to know about every little detail about everyone all the time. Ignorance is bliss. Besides, writing aloud to a internet is obviously  more interesting.

Argh, last week of NaBloPoMo, as well the week with two days of school instead of none, because HISD.

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