Yes, I put a password on my last post. The reason I did this was twofold:

  •  I’m not finished yet The lovely rules of NaBloPoMo require a post every day, and I was already behind on homework yesterday, so I decided to pause the story temporarily. Also, all of my Stories from Middle School are stories that I actually wrote in middle school, with edits by high-school me. This particular story was left unfinished, and I’m not yet sure what note to finish this story on.
  •  It’s kind of embarrassing  Let’s just say that this isn’t a nice pretty story, nor is it a funny and witty one. Everyone’s trying to put the best parts of their life online for the world to see (coughcough Facebook) and publishing anything less than ideal will cause people to perceive me differently. I can feel already feel the judgement.

Perhaps I’ll make the post public when I finish writing, but for now, good lucking getting access to it.

In other news, I’m in the pre-break mode where I don’t have the motivation to do anything–schoolwork, homework, work, getting up in the morning,etc. The good thing is that there’s only 3 more school days until Thanksgiving break, but the bad news is that I actually have to endure those 3 days. Once I fall into this rut, there’s no getting out. I guess it’s just waiting it out until next Wednesday. Sigh. And now I’m tired, so goodnight.

(totally published before midnight in Alaska.)

EDIT 11.23.2013 I finished writing and lifted the password. Have fun reading.

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