Whenever I lack good music to listen to late at night, I always find myself at this piece somehow. The beauty and emotion in the peace give the perfect chills and serenity for late-night working.

And to boost your self-esteem a bit, the composer of this piece is still in high school. He found my blog back in its early days and requested that I check out his Youtube channel, and finding this channel has been one of the better events in my life.

I mean, how are you not left in awe after listening to something this flawless? More than a year after discovering this channel, it’s stayed at the back of my mind whenever choosing music, and I  save it only for when I’m in the right mood. I feel like if I listen to his pieces too many times, the value of each listen will decrease.

Listening to these pieces has also served as a reminder that classical music will always be the best genre of music. (I’m using a pretty lax and probably incorrect definition of “classical music” here.) While I have never done any in-depth study of music, the raw emotion that goes into classical music will rarely be matched by any modern mass-media production.

But yeah, you should give this piece a listen. Definitely worth your time.

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