My posts are visibly becoming more and more incoherent. Wheee.

The efforts of my 3 days of hardcore mathing have culminated today, in the lovely competition a couple hundred miles from home. How I did was irrelevant, since it wasn’t enough to procure an award, and nothing can make up for the two hours of brainhurt I had to endure.

Anyways, it was an humbling experience, seeing all these people older and younger than (cough you elementary schoolers) all focused in one area ready to exhaust their brains for the sake of math. I knew that many of these kids had poured in so many more hours of sweat and tears learning and preparing, and it made me question my own work ethic and motives.

To be honest, I feel like most of these kids were pushed by their parents to succeed, seeing how many parents were present, and considering how many kids in elementary school are like, “I WANT TO DO ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY MATH COMPETITIONS.”

Perhaps this is one of the best examples of being placed into a system not of your own accord. If anyone were forced by those tiger parents to go through intense studying regimes, they would obviously have a competitive advantage over others in terms of math. It’s just a matter of who ends up in these systems.

However, I wasn’t raised with that philosophy. My parents pride themselves in not forcing me to do anything, and anything I accomplish is because of my motivation and determination. Sure, that won’t get me the nice list of accomplishments of tiger cubs, which could help when it comes to college app season, but I feel like there’s a slightly better moral backing behind it. Who am I to judge levels of ethical behavior though, especially when there’s 4th graders better at math than I am.

Also, it’s my birthday. Sweet 16. Actually, a day of math competitions wasn’t particularly bad. It’s not everyday I can nerd out to math and get that post-competition sense of brain dead, failure, and slight sense of accomplishment at the same time. Oh, and that game of spades. (“THANKS AJAY”) And 24. And the variation. It takes a special group of people to make that experience fun.

I intentionally hid my birthday on Facebook to see how many people would remember without reminders, and it turns out that as long as someone posts at midnight, everyone else “remembers.” I really want to do an in-depth study of social media sociology someday to see what other trends lurk behind our passive Facebook usage.

Random thing that keeps bothering me: It’s like I can’t ever get R to notice me. Perhaps he just likes hanging out with guys, which I guess is understandable Honestly though, he’s one of those people I’m going to try to memorize at the end of the year, whether  I want to or not. The better I get to know him now, the less desperate I’ll be then.

I want to reach 500 words ok done.

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