Mini Origami Sea Urchin

Surprisingly, the days where I have the most free time are also the days I feel the most uninspired to write. So here’s a picture from over the summer, back when I was going through my origami craze.

I was trying to see how small I could fold an origami sea urchin, and after a few tedious hours of manipulating a 3 cm square, I ended up with this little guy, just over a centimeter long.

Since then, I’ve lost the dedication to intricately make creases in tiny sheets of paper, as well as the time necessary to do so. Origami is becoming more and more of a pointless hobby that I do just to pass the time, although I’m not sure what that says about me and my priorities right now.


2 thoughts on “Mini Origami Sea Urchin

    • haha, I haven’t posted to google+ in forever. I took a look at your blog–keep it up! You’re doing great, and thanks for checking out my blog. :)


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