Mental Mapping

Can I use this as an excuse for not posting today? No? Argh, ok.


Yay for picture quality.

In my history class, these infamous assignments are known as mental maps, and they’re supposed to help us visualize multiple historical events going on in a time period. However, among the student community, they’re known more for inducing all-nighters and microscopic writing behaviors. Mine turn out looking like a series of arbitrarily sized boxes overlayed on a map because I have no regard for borders, but I actually like making them.

In general, the concept of mental mapping intrigues me, as it attempts to physicalize (I hope that’s a word) the abstract world within our brain. Sure that’s the point of all record-keeping and writing, but mental mapping is allowed to be messy and directly shows the relationship between objects or concepts. I see all knowledge as being interconnected in complex webs within our brains, and mapping everything is no small feat.

Truth be told, I doubt anyone else will understand this arrangement of boxes on my map, and I have some difficultly making sense of it myself. However, the process of making the map was probably the most beneficial part. Hand-drawing in locations and pathways that criss-crossed so many times that certain areas look more like scribbles than lines nicely highlighted the complexity of everything going on at the time. Also, I never realized the true expanse of the Mongol Empire until I had to color all of it in. Trivial details I know, but sleep-deprivation makes everything interesting.

Mental mapping also works quite nicely in other subjects. Showing any type of work in math is mapping out the abstract thought process for an abstract discipline. I rewrote my notes in biology last year in graphic organizer format a few times last year, and it helped tremendously from the over-repetitive linear note packets we received

Either way, I’ll be turning my map in tomorrow/today for some poor lad/lass to grade.  (My classmate, I wouldn’t dare call my teacher poor.) And I’ll have to attempt to understand someone’s map. And with that though, I go to sleep. Yawn.


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