In essence, a blog is a very narcissistic entity. Writing posts with repeated use of the word “I” and “me,” publishing them online for the entire Internet, and then expecting people to read and comment. Or at least that’s how I blog nowadays. Could there be anything even more self centered?

This revelation has left me in a weird rut with post topics. If I keep writing about my life, I’m just enforcing my narcissism, but posting on other topics seems robotic and dull. If you look at some of the earlier posts on this blog, I often wrote about other things that I found interesting, but that got exhausting after a while. What was the fun in reiterating other people ideas when they were already published elsewhere?

So with the overly personal and overly impersonal ideas gone, there’s a category left of topics that walk the fine line in between. The best example of these are probably book reviews, or just reviews in general. Opinion articles that are somewhat relevant to life. Nothing could go wrong with these right?

Wrong. Even though anyone can have an opinion, there’s a drastic difference between the good opinions and the bad ones. (See: The Work Required to Have an Opinion) Writing at a rate of one post per day, I don’t particularly have the time to think up the insightful and thought-provoking ones. And who want to publish BAD content on their blog where they sound like an idiot? NOT ME. (said the bad writer to the Internet.)

What am I left with then? Should I go back to posting origami, visual representations of other people’s creations? Inspirational/depressing quotes? I’m sure the stress of NaBloPoMo will lead to those eventually. What about now though, when I’m just really tired? If only I knew. Welcome to NaBloPoMo, featuring High School. Goodnight.


8 thoughts on “Narcissist

    • But it’s fun to complain about having nothing to write about! Then again, that only works for about 2 posts. : Yeah, go ahead. No guarantees I’ll be functioning properly enough to actually write about them though. :P


  1. Diplateevo’s recent posts about providing value might help. Personally, I’m a fan of opinion posts! They’re interesting and kind of inspirational. Especially if I disagree with you. Or random interesting thoughts/ideas you have while thinking that you want to throw out.


      • You think I’m not a huge fan of Diplateevo already? :P Definitely one of my favorite blogs out there. And yeah, with a post a day, I basically have to write anything that comes to mind, although it’s nice to know that people enjoy reading. :)

        As for the theme, it’s one of my favorites as well. Hopefully, I’ll keep it for a while.


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  3. Write reviews!!! (maybe on books or articles)! And do a recommendations post…like things to read, blogs to check out, movies to watch (okay, I put the last one in for fun…i know you don’t watch movies)


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