What’s Important?

A question first inspired by education, through wondering about what gave curriculum writers the right to dictate what an entire nation/state/district needs to know. Everyone needs a different set of skills in life, and creating an extensive standardized curriculum for every subject isn’t fostering this idea. Anyways, that’s an argument for another post.

So what IS important in life? I find this question to be as fascinating and unanswerable as the meaning of life, since what we choose to emphasize in life determines what we give meaning to and therefore our interpretation of life

However, on a more concrete level, this question can be applied to every discipline. Art is the artist’s choosing what to emphasize with the limitations of their medium. Science objectively answers the questions that researchers consider to be vital in understanding the world. Mathematics gives an abstract lens to find patterns that may or may not have real-world applications.  Modern politics is a game of figuring out what issues are important among the masses and playing off of those. The entire study of philosophy is built around providing different viewpoints on viewing the world, each emphasizing a different aspect of  human nature or ethics.

Every decision we make in our lives reflects our answer to what we believe to be important. The limiting factor of time requires us to choose how our time is spent or have it chosen for us, How we judge people and perceive ourselves is determined by what values we deem important.

Interestingly, this blog has become a small portion of the thoughts and ideas that I deem worthy enough to write about. My previous schedule of (almost) a post every week gave me multiple days to think about every potential idea, and only one would make it to the end and end up published.

In contrast, throughout middle school, my life was documented in a diary. detailing everything that happened every day. It’s as boring as it sounds. However, at the time, I had a fear of forgetting the little details that made each day unique, and writing everything down was my way of coping. In retrospect though, it’s slightly scary having a record of my  life 4 years ago when I barely remember last week, or yesterday for that matter.

…And there’s day 2 of NaBloPoMo.

3 thoughts on “What’s Important?

  1. So, I keep a diary too… but I’m not nearly as consistent as you are. How did you wrote everyday? I have times when I write everyday and then I’ll miss a month. Also, I think you could approach this abother way… That you short of did at the end. What is more important? The little moments or big ideas and innovations?


    • Well, first off, I kept my diary in middle school, so I had plenty of time, and it gave me an excuse to sleep later. However, as I mentioned, I had this urge to record my life everyday, even if nothing important happened, just so I wouldn’t forget about it. I lost this motivation in 8th grade though, and that’s when I started writing sporadically.. (pretty much never)

      To your second question, the big ideas have a larger impact when they affect a large group, but they can’t exist without a collection on minor events. Although my diary is nowhere near a literary masterpiece, I feel like there’s still some big ideas I can draw out, perhaps the most important that I used to care so much about the tiny details in life.

      Thanks for commenting!


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