Sophomore Year: Week 1 (+I’M PUBLISHED)

Sophomore year has a lot more work than I was expecting, especially on the first week. Heck, I had time to make this first week of freshman year. This week, I’ve been (almost) working consistently from the time I get home until I sleep, and I’m already sleeping near midnight daily. What is this.

Even before school started, I’ve been telling people that this year is going to suck, according to last year’s sophomores and according to my own calculations that every single core class is going to be significantly harder than it was last year. I’m only taking 2 AP classes, which is slightly over-achiever-ish, but not as crazy as the people taking three. (obviously.)

One of the better parts of being a sophomore is that we’re not the youngest in the school anymore. Sorry to the freshman, but I’m glad I’m not them anymore. :)

Also, I QUIT DEBATE. I have mixed feelings about this decision, since I know that debate is an activity that really stretches your mind and definitely has benefits in terms of speaking skills, but ugh. I just didn’t have the motivation to do it well. It’s known as a GPA boost class, and it seemed kind of stupid to game the system.  Dropping debate has been slightly symbolic for me, a tiny refusal to play within the system.

(Yes, I use Twitter. Follow me!)

Debate’s really time consuming as well. Not just in the sense that tournaments take a huge chunk out of your weekend (I want to be able to sleep 8 hours on a Friday night, ok?) but also the fact that debate is an extra hour of class every single day. This week, I’ve been spending my nonexistent 8th period in the library doing homework, and it’s been pretty productive.

I’ve been thinking about spending the time that I would have been at a debate tournament (basically, starting from Friday afterschool to Saturday noon-ish) doing sometime I deem “productive.” Writing blog posts falls under that category. So does homework, but that’s something I’d rather not think about for now.

Right, my ultimate writing practice this year. English class. Sophomore year at my school is kind of notorious for something called “syntax,” basically writing 12 sentences every day with vocabulary words with a specific structure relating to literature, history, or pop culture. Supposedly, it gets easier, but for now, it’s been taking me about an hour to finish every day. However, I feel like after a year of this conditioning, my writing will honestly improve.

On the brighter side, I’M FINALLY PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE. Over the summer, I submitted a piece to expressing the role motivation plays in education, and it was put up Thursday. (read it here.) The feeling of being published elsewhere actually makes me more uncomfortable than writing posts for my blog. At least here, I have the option of changing anything that I think looks weird, but there, people are judging every word I write without my knowledge. Either way, I’m pretty proud of the article itself. It’s a lot harder to write a serious post than to simply rant about life (heh. heh.)

My work ethic hasn’t faltered so far, and I’ve been able to focus on things pretty well. Then again, that’s not saying much for the first week. Let’s see how it is right before winter break.

That’s it for now. Honestly, this post is more for me to use as a reference later on than for whoever’s reading this, but yeah. C’est la vie.

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