7 Reasons I’ll Like Your Facebook Picture

Inspired by the stream of all the photos I’ve ever liked on Facebook.


  1. I actually know/have known you well. Sure, I may have  hundreds of Facebook friends, but just because I accepted your friend request doesn’t mean that I’ll like every picture you post.  The better I know you, the more likely I’m going to hit “like” on your picture. It just feels more comfortable.  Family member? BOOM. Like.
  2. You look happy. Screw mainstream prettiness. Anyone can accomplish that with enough selfie shots and Photoshop. But I really don’t see happiness in photos that often. Yes, I realize if you’re Asian like me, too much laughter in a picture will make your eyes smaller or nonexistent, but I personally prefer genuine smiling over beauty.
  3. You look absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, this overlaps with the previous point, but I’ve always been fond of crazy-faced pictures that people have the nerve to put up online.
  4. Peer pressure. Perhaps the worst reason ever to like a picture. Sometimes a picture has so many likes that I feel the urge to go with the crowd, (although typically it goes the other way) Other times, I feel like someone is mad at me outside of Facebook (GASP! Interaction outside of the interwebs!), so it’s kind of an, um, apology. Or maybe I just want you to like me because I don’t know you too well. Or maybe I look up to you. Yes, that all counts as “peer pressure.”
  5. Baby pictures. Sorry, I can’t help it.
  6. Artwork.  Since I post some of my origami on Facebook, I tend to support other people who do artistic things too. And arguably, drawing/painting/etc. requires more creativity and skill/talent than paper folding, so even more reason for likes. This includes artsy photography occasionally as well.
  7. Heck, I like the picture. Ignore the previous reasons. What if I just want to like the picture? None of those reasons can stop me.

As a final note, there’s always a bunch of pictures I mentally like, my frequent brain lapses make me forget to click certain buttons, so don’t feel offended if I don’t send you a notification about your picture. It’s mental love. <3 Just kidding. Ugh. Virtual hearts.

And thus concludes the most pointless post ever. I’d like to hear what you guys think though. Do you like every picture that looks somewhat flattering? Is there something you’ll always click “like” for? Never? COMMENT!

10 thoughts on “7 Reasons I’ll Like Your Facebook Picture

  1. Hitting the like button is automatic with my best friends too (my family doesn’t really use facebook). Sometimes I’ll like photos if the caption is witty; I’ll definitely like if the pic is hilarious. And if post pics of you go traveling to someplace exotic, I might possibly go on a like craze.


    • Haha, like crazes are fun. :) Actually, I agree with everything you just said. It’s nice to hear from different people on my blog. Thanks for commenting!


  2. The first one- about the comfort level, that’s so true- I totally missed that! :D

    “genuine smiling over beauty.” (Y) I like this! :D

    Peer pressure.. Sure, I do agree, I have been there myself when I was 12. :/

    Haha, art work + babies! <3 Same here!


    "Heck, I like the picture. Ignore the previous reasons. What if I just want to like the picture? None of those reasons can stop me."



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