A Work In Progress: 14 Thoughts about Year 1 of 4

Since I wrote a post about high school before the school year started, I decided to finish the year off with another one. Nothing particularly exciting has happened, but…


  1. Met a bunch of people. Going to a school with over 3000 people is pretty crazy, and I’m not used to the fact that I can’t be friends with everyone I like. I mean, there’s the super-nice people, and then there’s the people I kind of sort of totally not trying to cover it up worship, and they’re in completely different groups.Add in the random people I’ve met in library and in the hallways and in clubs, and wow. Too many people.
  2. Made friends. I’m not exactly sure what my definition of “friend ” is, but it’s pretty loose (see next point). However, there have been some people that have ridiculously friendly to me, and I’d like to think that I haven’t been too mean to them.
  3. Lost friends and made enemies. Probably my fault, since I don’t realize what a jerk I’ve been sometimes until  a few hours/days/weeks/months/years later, when it’s too late to change anything. The fact that I’m socially awkward and don’t say things rightly correctly doesn’t help either. But sigh, these next few years are going to be pretty frustrating…
  4. Procrastinated. Anyone surprised?
  5. Not done homework for the first time. It was just completion-grade math homework, but I still felt bad about not doing it. Not bad enough to actually do it though.
  6. Been sleep-deprived. Like to the point that you’re just running on autopilot. For an entire week. Only those who’ve experienced it would understand.
  7. Actually worried about grades. Not to brag, but I didn’t need to care that much about grades in middle school, because I  knew that if I did the work and put effort into it and studied for the tests, my grades would be fine. Plus, there wasn’t that much pressure to get good grades, other then to like, tell them to your friends. Then I hit high school, with the stupid 89.5/5.0 GPA system, and I lost all intrinsic motivation.
  8. Felt the  competition of high school. Extremely subtle, but definitely there. And not  in a good way. I’ve had friends outright lie and hide stuff from me,  and others who like to keep track of my grades and what I’m doing more than I do. Not to say that I haven’t done the same, but…BLEGH. Is this really what high school has done to us?
  9. Learned how to read (sort of). I don’t mean physically making  sense of lines on a page. Nor do I mean comprehending English literature. I mean having a 70 page chapter in front of you and actively reading it as you try to remember all the information for a  test. Or trying to absorb 10 pages of notes by yourself because the teacher didn’t explain any of it at all in class. Actually, I still can’t read. Nevermind that point.
  10. Changed my entire viewpoint on education and school multiple times. Tying in with #7, for a while, I thought the only real motivation we had to do well in school was grades, and that turned out to be true. Extrinsically that is.  Then I started reading about education reform, and I saw what schools were ideally supposed to be like . (Go read Seth Godin’s manifesto here) However, reading about  how schools suck doesn’t exactly motivate one to do well in school, so that was a problem for a while.
  11. Been scared out of my wits and lived through it. It’s kind of embarrassing, so I’m just going to leave it at that.
  12. Consistently blogged throughout this year. With the exception of the first month of school, I’ve managed to publish at least two posts every month, and sometimes more. (cough winter break) I’m surprised that I haven’t given up yet.
  13. Drank Starbucks for the first time. Self explanatory. And yeah, it was the last day of school, but that still counts right?
  14. Realized how boring this entire year has been. Emotionally, it’s been a year of downs and ups, (reversal intended) but looking back, not much has actually happened. Yes, I’ve learned stuff, (at least I hope I have) but in terms of like, actually accomplishing anything significant, not really.

Oh joy, I just realized that 14 in Chinese is  pronounced “yao si,” which sounds like “going to die.” What an encouraging message.

P.S. When I say “Work In Progress,” I mean that this post will probably change as the week goes on.  Keep checking back! (and increasing my pageviews)

6 thoughts on “A Work In Progress: 14 Thoughts about Year 1 of 4

  1. For me:

    1. Made like 2 friends.

    2. Decided that everyone else is a hostile or at least annoying in some way.

    3. Had like 4 nervous breakdowns.

    4. For once had straight A’s. (Elementary school doesn’t count)

    5. Decided that I don’t particularly like large schools.

    6. Started manufacturing tanks. (Not real ones of course)


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