The Other Perspective of that Jeff Bliss Video

Note: I had this chat like 2 weeks ago, back when the video of Jeff Bliss was going viral, and I realize that it’s complete out of date now. However, I still felt like posting it. :)

Note2: Yes, this is somewhat edited (mostly deleting stuff and taking out school names), and since WordPress formatting is weird, the slashes are supposed to be new lines (like pressing enter in chat).

Note3: Don’t ask me who I was talking to. I used the first initial for a reason, and you probably don’t know him/her. And well, if you are that person, (I don’t even know if you still read my blog) I hope you don’t mind.

M: have you seen the video with this guy telling off his teacher

A: i shared it yesterday

M: i don’t know when laziness started becoming the vogue/honestly, i think he’s just being lazy

A: well why should he learn something he doesn’t want or need to learn/when the teacher obviously isn’t encouraging him

M: because he’d be stupid otherwise/you learn/because learning is inherently good

A: aka cramming facts into your head?

M: sure/i don’t know who started this whole thing about what schools teach is “useless” /i think the person who came up with that idea is useless/God bless America that he’s not a lobbyist in Washington

A: so you think our education system is fine?

M: absolutely not/have you seen the curriculum in china?/that’s why it’s not fine

A: /read all of it/all 100 pages

M: but better keep the status quo/ than try to downgrade the education system

A: As a parent, you see what seven-year-olds in China are doing (trigonometry!) and you see the straight rows of silent students and rigor, and it’s easy to decide that there’s a race, and we’re losing. We are losing, but what we’re losing is a race to produce the low-paid factory workers of tomorrow”

M: dumbass exhibit A ^

A: seriously/do you think memorizing facts is the best way to get “educated”

M: do you think anyone would go to school just to learn/ LOL/honestly/you’re like asking for world peace or something/when our societies become communist then maybe what you’re saying would work

A: what am i saying?

M: to learn for learning’s sake/or whatever

A: so you go to school to game the system

M: i don’t even know what you’re saying/i don’t game the system/you’re using an either-or fallacy

A: you live in the system/AND STOP USING YOUR FANCY LOGIC ON ME

M: then why not make the best of it?/the system, i mean/if you live it, make the most of it

A: or change it

M: funny because you can’t

A: would you rather go to school in china/with a corrupt society/and high suicide rates

M: ha/no

A: .

M: i don’t even know why you care so much

A: i’m just been kind of annoyed at school lately/and how we’re doing everything just to impress people/who don’t even care

M: no you’re not

A: well to a point you are/like you said/who learns stuff for the sake of learning?

M: doesn’t mean you’re trying to impress people

A: then why are you memorizing all this information?

M: to do well in school/so i can go to a good college/so i can get a good job and live a good life/yup

A: does that mean anything in the end?

M: when you’re dead?/no/unless you’re famous

A: memorizing stuff obviously makes you famous

M: oh right/why do well in school/when you can just be a lazy ass and bitch at your teacher and be famous

A: well the teacher isn’t doing anything

M: i don’t know why you’re concerned/you go to _____.

A: so?

M: it’s not your problem/ why worry about it

A: i personally hate teachers that just make you read the textbook though/ or read powerpoints to you

M: can you do anything about it?

A: i want to

M: but you can’t/so there we go

A: because i know other people aren’t learning anything as well

M: if they’re doing well in the class/then they’re obvoiusly picking up stuff/oh wait/you go to _____.

A: why is going to _______ so important?

M: the people who do well could just be the people who have good peripheral eyesight

A: ?/oh/haha/that doesn’t happen at ______?

M: sure it does/i’ve seen it in action/people whispering/then i stare at them/and they back down/i think the ethical standard here is higher

A: i personally don’t think it matters as long as you eventually learn the information

M: so people who steal money/are actually innocent huh

A: learning/and money/are different/in that one is tangible/and the other/isn’t

M:only cash is tangible/ currency itself isn’t


M: and sorry/i don’t see a point in us continuing such a conversation

A: ok then/topic change

M: i feel like i just wasted an hour

A: it’s a friday night

M: and said some stuff that doesn’t necessarily reflect my personal views

A: like what?

M: like the education system, the guy in the video, etc./i don’t think about this stuff because it’s useless to do so/so when i argue about it/i don’t really have my own dogma about it

A: so you’re just going to live as a robot the rest of your life?

M: ^pretty much, until i get rich and can pursue my dreams

A: and if you don’t get rich?

M: then i guess i’ll have to live as a robot

A: and you’re fine with that?

M: if i like my job, yeah

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