Half the Game

I started playing games on Facebook. And no, it wasn’t Tetris Battle or Candy Crush Saga or Words with Friends or Mousehunt or the other games Facebook tells me are popular.

Instead, I played Half the Game, a game where a woman living  in the developing world is trying to improve her life by completing various “quests” in her community and around the world that empower women. Eventually, these actions will make her a world leader.

Half the Game is part of the Half the Sky movement, which was inspired by the book of the same name  written by Pulitzer prize-winning authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Many of the quests in the game follow initiatives in Half the Sky such as microfinancing, support groups, and building schools,  to name a few (Go read the book if you want to find out more)


Screenshot of where I am in the game right now

As you play, you can also unlock free donations that correspond to the quests being completed in the game, which gives this game a real-life impact. This is a great incentive to play and also makes you more aware of how people can actually help with these causes.

Facebook games sound like an unusual way to raise awareness for a cause, but  they’ll reach people who previously would have never known about the cause– the people who probably would have never picked up Half the Sky because they hate books or something (which you shouldn’t but that’s just the truth)

I’m not sure what else to say other than to go play the game and just to be aware of these problems in the developing world, especially with women. It doesn’t seem “cool” to care about a cause anymore,  (because I would know *sarcasm) but as I heard somewhere, “If everyone cared about a cause, think about what we could achieve.” 

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