Nail Polish/Origami Jewelry

As most of you have probably realized, I’m nowhere a fashion blogger. Actually, I’m probably the complete opposite. I get why people are interested in fashion and I’m following a few fashion blogs myself, but fashion really isn’t my thing.

So when I got a bottle of “Forever Pink” nail polish, my first thought was, I could use this to paint/coat origami jewelry. No joke. Yes, I know I’m weird. (Although I guess jewelry is part of fashion……..)

And after a little experimenting and learning the challenges of applying nail polish to folded paper (it’s harder than it sounds) , I started painting this origami sea urchin.

A bunch of messy painting and a few wasted globs of nail polish later,  my sea urchin was uh, Forever Pink.
I stuck a bead on top with more nail polish since I was too lazy to find glue, added a loop with Scotch tape, strung some cotton string that was probably used to seal rice bags, and I guess I had a necklace. (I wouldn’t make any guarantees about its durability though)

I could picture this as an earring too if the sea urchin was strung from the top (where the bead is) Or maybe a pin, but no one really wears those anymore. What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Nail Polish/Origami Jewelry

  1. amyy that is fabulous and you are fabulous and i would totally want one if you were willing to waste more time and nail polish for me


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