Every Day

Right before my last day of finals, I decided to start reading a new book instead of studying. Which completely goes against what I wrote about in my last post, but whatever. Every Day by David Levithan is an amazing book.

The main character,”A”, has no identity and wakes up in the body of a new person everyday.  Each morning, “A” wakes up to a new gender, a new bed, a new family, a new everything. And before going to sleep, “A” has to lose it all and be prepared to wake up in the body of another person whether “A” wants to or not.

Someone living their normal life would randomly have one of their days controlled by “A”, who could do anything he/she (depending on who the person was) wanted to and take no responsibility for the actions once the day is over. Obviously, this could be a disaster, but “A” tries to keep everyone’s life as normal as possible, because everything’s simpler that way

“A” has the power to access the brain of whoever his host is, but “A” chooses to only access enough information to get through the day and not appear too much out of character. “A” has learned that there’s no point in getting too attached to any person, since none of it matters once the day is over.

Until the twist in the story. One day, “A” wakes up in the body of a rebellious guy named Justin, and over the course of a day, falls in love with his girlfriend, Rhiannon. Perfect. Except “A”‘s only in Justin’s body for a day, and there’s no way for “A” to tell Rhiannon his/her feelings if “A” keeps changing forms everyday.

The rest of the book is spent solving that conflict and trying to communicating with Rhiannon, while also dealing with the challenges of living in different bodies every day. This leads to even more problems, which are all kind of simultaneously being solved and growing at the same time.

I love storylines like this. This book deserves 5 stars just based off the plot. The love story isn’t the central moving force of the story, (well I guess it kinda is, but…it’s different.) and the whole idea of a person like “A” out there is pretty intriguing.

“A” is a completely unbiased person (soul? concept?) who has literally lived thousands of past lives. What would “A” think of you if he/she/it got to live your life for a day? How would you react the next morning when you woke up and realized that someone was in your body, and that you don’t really remember much from the previous day?

Also, could you love a person if you were in a different body every day? Could you be in love with someone whose appearance changes daily? What makes you love someone?

Just a couple of questions that make you reflect back upon yourself. Once again, I love the idea of this book. (The writing is beautiful too.)

The only other books I’ve read by David Levithan are The Realm of Possibility, a collection of poetic snippets of peoples’ lives, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, a collaboration novel with John Green.  Both books were pretty good, but Every Day definitely surpasses both

All these books include LGBT characters, which I’ll admit, I’m still not perfectly comfortable with reading about, but I’m getting more used to it as I keep reading. It’s not a topic commonly written about, or even talked about on a personal level, and I praise David Leviathan for writing so well about a sensitive topic.

That’s really all I have to say about Every Day, other then that you really should read it for the brilliant story and plot (and characters)

But anyways, I’ll be reading a lot more since it’s finally winter break, and here’s my mini- list of books I’m planning to read over the break, along with other books on my to-read shelf:

  • Wintergirls, Laurie Halse Anderson
  • 1984, George Orwell (It looks a little too classic-y and long for my taste, but multiple people have told me that it’s good, so I’ll try)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky
  • Annabel, Lauren Oliver 
  • If I really run out of books, something by Sarah Dessen (although I hope that doesn’t happen)
So happy winter break to everyone, and I hope to be writing more posts the next few weeks!

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