Why is an 89.4 infinitely times worse than an 89.5?

So it’s the last week of school before winter break, which means that it’s finals week. Which means that I can get to school later but still eat lunch at home. However, finals week also means that I should be studying now so I can do well on all my finals and get all A’s and be happy and…um…what else?

Why is getting an A so important to people? I mean, I get why people want to get good grades, but why is the sacred 90 (or more precisely, the 89.5) the standard everyone wants to reach? When you think about it, 90 is a ridiculously arbitrary number that was only chosen because 100-10=90 and we live in a base 10 system. And then the only reason we use a base 10 system is because we have 10 fingers, thanks to evolution

Being the math nerd I am, I started wondering how things would be different if we had say, 4 fingers, on each hand. What would the “A” be then?

I could bore you with all the math here, but anyways it would be 7/8 in base 10, which equals 87.5%

That means if evolution had decided to give us 8 fingers instead of 10, our standards would have been lowered by…2.5% (I’m not in the mood to account for rounding in base-8)

I guess that isn’t too significant, but let’s go to the extreme: base 2 with no fingers, just 2 arms as appendages. Then an “A” would be a 1/2, or, a 50.

And then the other extreme– base 100! (YAY!) which would then be 99/100, a 99.

My point is, I don’t think that we should be all caught up in trying to get 90’s because evolution gave us 10 fingers. That just sounds pretty stupid. I still freak when I get anywhere near a B, so I’m a victim too, but I’m getting a little annoyed.

So what do I propose as the new standard? Call me an overachiever and everything, but I think we should all strive for 100s from now on.

Yes, I realize that’s ridiculous because no one’s perfect, but I mean, 100 is the same throughout all number bases (obviously the most important part) and it’s more of a goal.

A guy once told me that he was aiming for a 2400 on the SAT, which I thought was insane at the time, since 2400s are only for supergeniuses, but I kinda get the point now. Even if a 2400 is a crazy stretch, anything close to that is still pretty amazing and you can never really “reach” it, only improve. Which sounds like a nice concept in my opinion

So if I’m actually aiming for 100’s, I probably should go uh…study (Aiming for an 89.5 was practically anti-motivation once I calculated what I needed) Then again, it’s already kinda late, and I only have two days left…sigh. Let’s see how this week goes.


One thought on “Why is an 89.4 infinitely times worse than an 89.5?

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