Lola and the Boy Next Door

While everyone else is obsessing over the release of the second Breaking Dawn movie this weekend, I decided to have some fun and go fangirl in my own way by reading the sequel to the best young adult romance novel every written in the history of the world, Anna and the French Kiss (don’t judge the book by its title, please) When I finished Anna and the French Kiss last summer, I was so amazed that I….um….
…sigh, let’s just say I was slightly obsessed with the name Étienne St. Clair for the next month. (actually I still am) So I had really high expectations for the sequel, Lola and the Boy Next Door.

However, after finishing it this morning, I can only say that it’s not the same as Anna. Yes, it’s still a sweet story and ends happily, but no one can compare to Anna and Étienne St. Clair, not even Cricket (the happily-ever-after guy). 
Ok, now onto the actually story. The main character Lola has a huge obsession with clothes, but she doesn’t believe in fashion. She believes in costume. All her outfits are completely outrageous (like, she wears different colored WIGS to school everyday), because “life’s too short to be the same person everyday,” and the wilder the costume, the better. 
Her two…dads (the family’s complicated) don’t approve of her rebellious, rock-bank boyfriend Max, probably because he’s five years older than her, so they have to endure “brunch” together every weekend. (read: intense interrogations) But other than that, life is good.
And then comes the twist in the story. Lola gets new neighbors. Or old new neighbors rather. A few years ago, the world famous figure skater Calliope Bell and her twin brother Cricket Bell lived next door to Lola until they moved away due to Calliope’s skating training. And now they’re back.
Lola had always been in awe and in fear of Calliope’s perfection and beauty, and as for Cricket, well, Lola was kind of hopelessly in love with him. In fact, after Cricket left, Lola spent two years trying to get over him and kind of succeeded by meeting Max. Now that Cricket’s back though, (in college at nearby Berkeley), she’s not sure what to do, especially once she realizes that Cricket still likes her and that Calliope hates her.
Honestly, the story was completely predictable once the basic plot was laid out. I mean, the book’s freaking called Lola and the BOY NEXT DOOR. What other ending could there be? Anna and the French Kiss was pretty predictable as well, but the story was a lot more complex and actually had me doubting the happy ending at one point. 
In conclusion, Lola and the Boy Next Door is still an adorable love story, but it’s far from the amazingness of Anna and the French Kiss (it’s hard to beat a guy like Étienne St. Clair) and the love triangle-ish thing isn’t strong at all. However, I’m still looking forward to the third book in the series, Isla and the Happlily Every After, which is supposedly coming out next summer, and I’m planning on reading it to see if it’ll finally match up with Anna and Étienne. 

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