RED by Taylor Swift- Album Commentary

Ok, I might already be late here, but Taylor Swift’s new album RED just came out last Monday (the 22nd). I decided to give it a listen while doing my homework, and I guess I’m just going to start writing about it.

The resolution of this image is really low, so you can’t go reprint it and claim it’s the actual album cover. HA.
(read: I do not own this picture.)

First off, my impression of Taylor Swift is mostly based off of her second album Fearless which was released when I was in elementary school, so I still think of Taylor Swift as a country singer with innocent love songs. I’ve still heard her recent popular songs, but Fearless was the only full album that I’ve listened through. (I’m a big believer in listening to whole albums before judging an artist)

Oh, and you might want to read my previous post about my thoughts on pop music and why I still listen to it. And it would help to listen to the album before reading this so you actually know what I’m referring to.

When “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was released last month, I was so surprised that it was a Taylor Swift song, since it was so poppy and…bratty, almost Avril Lavigne-like. I won’t deny that it’s catchy, but it’s so different from the rest of the album, and personally I never liked it.

So what’s my favorite song on the album? Well, I have “The Lucky One” on repeat right now.  Funny that I chose the song that shares a title with a Nicholas Sparks novel. However, this is one of the few songs on the album that isn’t about love. Instead, Taylor Swift sings about fame and how “everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool,” but once fame actually comes, it’s not as glamorous as one would imagine. As for the music, it’s a pretty slow song, nostalgic in a sense.

Another song that I liked was the title song “Red,” which was released as a promotional single, so it probably was carefully written to be an instant hit. The idea of comparing feelings to colors gives this song a poetic feel, but the song’s too fast-paced and sappy and repetitive (words that don’t exactly mix well but describe the song well in my opinion.) to have much substance. Nevertheless, it’s a sweet song that I’ll definitely be listening to again.

There aren’t any other songs on the album that stand out to me that much, although I have some short comments about certain songs, so I’m just going to rapid-fire them here. (not exactly professional, but…)

“State of Grace” is the first song off the album and starts off with more than 30 seconds of music. This song was my first impression of the album, so I was wondering, “when is the singing actually going to start?” “22” is one of those poppy partying songs, which I’m really not used to hearing from Taylor Swift and is nothing like “Fifteen.” if you’re wondering. “Stay Stay Stay” sounds like a Christmas carol since it’s all cheery and lighthearted. I saw a YouTube comment that compared it with car commerical music.  “Starlight” is a pretty song, although the beginning and the chorus sound suspiciously like the first lines of 3OH!3’s “Don’t Trust Me” Two completely different songs, but the rhythm is surprisingly similar.

Overall, RED has some well-written songs or at least catchy and popular ones, but Taylor Swift’s just changed so much from the teenager who sang simple country songs to a mainstream pop artist. I feel like there was a trade-off between music that sounded good and meaningful lyrics, because people who listen to pop music don’t actually want to hear genuinely depressing songs. And honestly, after all this time, she’s still famous for singing the same break-up and iloveyou songs? I’m not bashing on Taylor Swift here, but she could at least be a little more original in her song topics.

To anyone who’s heard this album or at least part of it, what do you think of it? Do you feel like she’s changed too much, or is the change good? And to everyone in general, if there’s an album that’s coming out soon that you’re excited about, comment below and say what it is! I would love start listening to less mainstream music, but I’m not exactly too sure where to start, so tell me if you have any recommendations!


4 thoughts on “RED by Taylor Swift- Album Commentary

  1. I feel like a lot of her songs take a ton of replays to catch on, but once they do they're really nice (:I personally like the one she sang with the guy from Snow Patrol, called "The Last Time". Maybe it's only because I have huge biases towards songs with strong harmonies– which is also probably why I like her duet with Ed Sheeran.But other than that, Red is really catchy, and Treacherous gets stuck in my head a lot. And last but not least I definitely think The Lucky One is pretty amazing too :DAs for finding new music, Pandora radio is awesome. c:


  2. My opinions are changing as I listen to the album more…now I seem to like all the songs XDOriginally though, I really liked "Everything Has Changed", probably because it was right after "The Lucky One," which I kept replaying. But still, it's a pretty song. :)And yes, Pandora is amazing. I've listened to some stations so much that almost all the songs are thumbs-up-ed. :P Thanks for commenting!


  3. hey! you have a really nice blog! in fact you have inspired me to start my own. i've been trying to use dynamic views but idk how to get the pictures to show as thumbnails on the home page. how did you do it? it'd be so cool if you could help. btw – same thing about the snow patrol song. love love love the last time :)


  4. Hi! I'm really glad you like my blog, and I wish you luck on yours! :) Anyways, I used to have the same problem when I first switched over to Dynamic Views. Then I realized that the picture has to be uploaded from the computer and not from a URL. Just save the picture to your computer first and then upload it into the post, and everything should work. Be aware of fair use laws though so you don't get sued. :P I'm assuming you're not making money off your blog, so giving credit to whomever the picture belongs to should be sufficient, but check just to be safe. I hope that solves your problem, and can you give me a link to your blog? :)


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