Crocheted Index Card Holder #2 (but #1 has been remodeled)

Since school started, I haven’t had that much time to be blogging, but I’m determined to finish this post, so here goes.

The first week of school, I was bored out of my mind with the lack of homework,  so I decided to finish up another index card holder that I had started and thought that I needed. The fact that its taken over a month for me to actually blog about it shows how much busier school’s gotten.

It turns out, I actually don’t need an index card holder since I go through like 50 index cards in a month, and this pouch isn’t nearly large enough, and they have to be separated by chapter and are supposed to be in ziploc bags, BUT WHATEVER. I like this pouch better than my first one, which you may remember was remade into a Kindle case.

Crocheted Index Card Holder #2 (but #1 has been remodeled)

If any of you care, I used a different technique to crochet this case than my last one. The other one was made in one piece, but for this one, I made two separate pieces and crocheted them together, just so I could use a different color for the edging.

The wavy edges are actually a mistake. I was carelessly making some stitches tighter than others, so the pieces bunched up a little, creating little waves, which I guess are nice, but not what I was expecting.

The size of this pouch is a mistake too. I originally made this pouch for 4 by 6 index cards, but I made the two halves too small, so I had to change it to fit 3 by 5 cards. I ended up flipping the front half upside down and folding the top down to make it look somewhat normal. (The netting was supposed to be at the top and the wavy top was supposed to be stretched to be flat and at the bottom….if that makes any sense)

So, this pouch turned out nothing like I was expecting to, and I don’t even need it now, and it’s just sitting in my room and I still need to sew in the little tail at the bottom and adjust the binder holes so they fit better and these photos could use a little more GIMPing and I probably should go study a little more…well, what do y’all think?

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