…High School

Yesterday was the last day of my official summer break, and it just…passed…and happened. There’s still the weekend left of course, but we’ve always had weekends off. And this is typically the point in my summers where I start contemplating everything I did over the summer and think about whether I really want to go back to school.

Over the summer, since I’m alone for the whole day, I become really quiet and introvert-like, which no one really knows because…I’m not around anyone. (That’s also my explanation for why I spaz so much during the school year. I’m letting out all my hyper-ness that I’ve bottled up during the summer. :P)

This is the time where I can basically do anything and not have to worry about what school or society or anyone else wants me to think about to do. So I take advantage of it and go off wasting time being weirdly philosophical and reading and crocheting and wasting time online…. ….just  thinking about stuff. I’m pretty sure next summer I’ll be busier because I’ll be actually getting out of the house, and I”m not sure if I’ll be able to sit around and do nothing and think all day again.

One of my worries about the beginning of the school year is that I’m going to become…a robot just doing whatever school or other people demand of me and going too hyper and getting too caught up in everything that I’m doing and not go back to the person I was over the summer who actually thought about other stuff other than how each of the thirteen colonies were founded  (I’ve completely forgotten by now)

Do any of you get what I mean? Once school starts, all that suddenly matters is grades and impressing people and putting on a good show. What about like, being yourself instead of trying to be better than everyone else??? Is there time for that?

Ok, so I know I won’t get as much time to blog during the school year, and if I do, I’m assuming it’ll be a bunch of ranting (like this) about the pointlessness of homework and how we live in a screwed up world, but honestly, feel free to like, shake me and scream in my face if you feel like I need a wake up call. (both literally and metaphorically) I will be really really grateful if you do so (as long as you have a good reason; I will whack you if you randomly start screaming at me)

So, to give this post a little more color, here’s a random drawing I made with the Pixlr Editor (an extension for Google Drive) a while ago….


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