Speed Birthday Photo Hacking

Last night on Google+, I found another game of Photo Hacking going on, only this time with a twist. This game was on Kyle Wilson’s birthday, so to celebrate, the photo has to be hacked while this song is playing in the background. Once the song is over, (5 minutes, 51 seconds) the hack has to be done.

The original picture by Kyle Wilson is here (They used his own photograph on his birthday!)

My plan was to fix the house up as much as possible. However, the clone tool and heal tool were both being really annoying, so I didn’t get that far, and the edits are pretty messy.. If you look at the roof, you can tell that I just gave up with cloning and ended up making it a solid color with a paintbrush. Not very realistic, but it would have to do. With less than a minute left, I decided to add a “Happy Birthday” message since everything else seemed to be a little hopeless
So there’s my final product. I wouldn’t call this a successful photo hack, but I can always blame the time limit. :P Just kidding, I still need more practice with GIMP, and next time I do a photo hack, I’m probably going with something a little more traditional and artistic. Come and participate in a photo hack with me next time! Hopefully, there won’t be another time limit…

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