Rereading Books

Last night, I was rereading Catching Fire and Mockingjay, which I kinda thought would be a waste of time, because you know, I could have been spending the same time reading a new book and meeting new characters and a new story. etc.

However, both books were really good, especially when read back to back And unlike the first time I read both books, I cried. Both times. This happens to me a lot. I don’t cry often the first time I read a book, but if I ever choose to reread it, and it’s meant to be crying story, then I usually cry. Why? Is it even worth rereading a book if you know what’s going to happen? Wouldn’t you be better off reading another book? Are you really going to gain that much more by rereading a book?

Actually, I’ve had a pretty good experience with rereading books, especially with books that I really liked. (I’ve never finished rereading an entire classic before.) You end up appreciating other parts of the book more  and understand more about the characters rather than the story.

I usually end up rereading books right after I finish them because there’s certain scenes that I really liked, and I go a couple hundred pages too far and finish the book again. That means I often don’t read the beginning and jump right into the middle.

Sorry for the short post and the horrible clip art picture…it was
a topic I just kinda wanted to write about. Forgive me?

So what are your thoughts on rereading books? Do you do it often? I demand that you tell me in the comments. :P


4 thoughts on “Rereading Books

  1. Actually I do reread books quite often (I was rereading some of the Percy Jackson Series last night), and most of the time I'll skip the beginning chapters and go to the middle of the book and finish it off. I think I do this because I actually know the whole set up and characters so I want to jump into the action when I reread a book.


  2. Wow Annum… I just reread every book I like… probably not good for my grades -__- I spend most of my time rereading good books. The Door Within is a book everyone needs to read.


  3. Haha that's true. The first few chapters of books are usually pretty boring because it's basically outlining the entire story, and you already know about everything. Thanks for commenting!


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