Hack this Photo!

On Google+ today, under the “Explore” tab, I found an interesting “game” going on called “Hack this Photo” To play, all you have to do is open the scenic photo below in any photo editing software, and edit it however you want.

Being a person who loves to waste time on GIMP, I immediately opened up this picture. My first attempt was pretty basic, just adjusting the levels and brushing up on my QuickMask skills by adding a border. (For all of you who know how QuickMask works, I used the Waves, Motion Blur, and Cubism filters after selecting a border)
Then, for my next attempt, I decided to really start messing the photo up, and started using the same technique for creating an abstract wave on this picture. Halfway through though, I thought it looked nice so I saved it:
The final result of the abstract wave is here. (Yes I know I really screwed up the image)
Here’s another similar image, but using a different overlay method for the top layer. (and even more screwed up colors)
My next attempt, I tried to be a little more…normal, but I didn’t want to just adjust the colors, so after changing the levels, and adding some artificial sunlight, I used GIMP’s amazing animation filter, and put the image on a spinning globe. (Literally, all you have to do is go to Filters => Animation =>Spinning Globe, choose the number of frames you want, and GIMP does the rest.
So, that’s what I was doing with my morning. Go participate in the game here, or search the hashtag #hackthisphoto on Google+ to see what other people have done! 

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