New Layout?

Last night, I decided to change my template to one of Blogger’s Dynamic Views, which were supposedly designed to make a blog look more “web 2.0-like,” and modern, and honestly, I think they’re amazing. My blog looks less cluttered, you can see previews of multiple posts all at once, and overall it just looks cleaner.

It’s a blog inside of a blog! :O

There were seven different Dynamic View templates to choose from, and I spent quite a while switching back and forth between them trying to choose the best one. I settled for the Magazine layout in the end because it showed picture previews as well as a snippet of the text for all the posts. If you want to try the different Dynamic Views, just close this post and hover your mouse over the word “Magazine” under the title. The names of all the templates should pop up, and then just select one to see what it would look like on my blog.

So, do you guys like my new template? Is there another Dynamic View that you like better? What about all the colors? I decided to stick with the same color scheme as my old layout to make it somewhat familiar, but I changed the colors of everything, including the date ribbon right beside the title of this post. Go put your mouse over it right now! If you have any suggestions about the look of my blog, feel free to tell me. Actually, feel obligated to tell me! (Let’s see if that gets me any more comments :P)


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