Can You See Me Now?

Disclaimer: This post is about a girl who was in the music video for “Friday,” and is known as “that girl in pink who can’t dance.” Oh, and she sings just as greatly as Rebecca Black and is her friend as well.

Still reading? Congratulations, you’re getting better at not judging people. So anyways, I was reading the Huffington Post blogs, (I’m slightly addicted) when I came across Benni Cinkle’s column. Her biography is on the site, but in short, Benni was made fun of by Youtubers for dancing awkwardly in “Friday” for less than three (<3 XD) seconds, and actually made into an internet meme. Maybe some of you’ve seen this GIF on Tumblr or Facebook before, but here it is anyways:

Can You See Me Now?
(taken from Tumblr)

Yeah, she’s not the greatest dancer. In fact, I wouldn’t even call that dancing, but this is what she was ridiculed for. So how did she react to it? Get depressed because it seemed like everyone was hating her? Crawl into her closet and never come out? At first, yes. (Wouldn’t you if you were getting hate mail nonstop?) However, then she realized that people weren’t hating her; they were hating more on her dancing, which even she though was a little pathetic, so she began laughing with her haters, and people began liking her more.

Now, getting over her haters isn’t the reason I admire her, because everyone has haters at some point, and we all have to get over them. Benni just was a famous example. It’s more of what she did with her fame that I find amazing. She started an organization called “That Girl in Pink” since that’s what most people knew her as in the “Friday” music video, and devoted it to raising awareness and giving help to people that were cyber-bullied. Later, she expanded the organization to include depression and other serious problems that she cared about.

Oh, and she started singing. As mentioned on the music video, “Can You See Me Now?” , she sang her first song in 2010 as a message for the website, where people can share their stories, usually depressing ones, anonymously. (It’s made by the same people who created, and you seriously should go check it out..)

As I mentioned before, her singing is pretty bad and you can obviously tell it’s auto-tuned, but I have to say, this song is definitely more likable than “Friday.” For one, it actually sends a message that there are people with real problems out there, and to not be afraid to show who you are. For two, she hired other people to do the dancing for her. It’s obviously serving as filler in the video, but the rest of the video is actually pretty good and really inspiring. And the song’s even a little catchy. The only problem I have with the song itself is that it’s an obvious pop song, which isn’t a bad thing, but I think it interferes with the “purity” of the message a little. Nevertheless, this song deserves to be more popular than “Friday.”

Last month, Benni Cinkle released another single called, “Gotta Get Out.” It’s not as catchy as “Can You See Me Now?” and the singing’s just a little better, but it still sends a strong message. Benni wrote this song for kids who lived in small towns and felt like they had to conform with everyone and couldn’t be their own person, and Benni’s basically telling them that they can, and to go for it.

So as a conclusion, maybe people wouldn’t hate songs like “Friday” as much if they actually had meaning to them. Even if the singing is bad, inspiring lyrics and a great message can make up for a lot of it, as the case with Benni Cinkle, who’s also helping to raise awareness about these issues. As I mentioned in my realistic fiction post, I feel extremely underexposed after hearing about and reading about some people’s stories, and I want to figure out more about what’s actually going on in our world. What about you guys? Tell me in the comments, as well as what you thought of her songs!

P.S. Did any of you catch the line in French in “Gotta Get Out”?


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